Beautiful Combination of Abstraction and Figuration

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Beautiful Combination of Abstraction and Figuration

Hopare is an Italy-base young graffiti artist who brings the color strips intertwine to create faces and forms of their support. He would travel a long way just to find some good spot for his art as if he wrote beautiful poetry that does magic to turn everyday grayness of the streets into colorful and organic universe.

Being a complete artist who mixes abstraction and figuration in a dynamic reviving kind of memories, Hopare can clearly depict thorough Italian futurism of the early twentieth century. They are all depicted in the movement, speed, modernity, the new man, his relation with the city and vital energy which he needs to animate his piece.

His particular technique for “silk ribbon” delimited “son of nylon” black with maximum detail is affected by his portraits. The movement of the lines as an important structure in his graffiti is submitted by the colors of vaporous air.

Hopare’s soft linearity seems to create special character in all of his work, like sensitivity to each other that makes identifying the given timeless model possible. We can still feel the line character to be more tactile and precision as we enter a more intimate dialogue in his portraits in the gallery.

The freshness and the tone’s transparency can add resonance and emotion structure that makes us have a journey to a distance that seems to be fragile and magical.

H/T Art People

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