Beautiful Moon and Planet Lamps Can be in Your Homes Now

Want to see moon always shining from somewhere around your homes? Now you can do just that by purchasing that moon and bring it home with you, place it somewhere you wish your moon to give light to its surrounding. If you are interested, just pay a visit to Rome-based shop Pulsar Moonlight ( For sure, Pulsar Moonlight brings the beauty of outer space into your home with their moonlight lamp. They even sell other planets, too, like Neptune and Jupiter. Are you ready to bring all those celestial bodies into your homes?

Some people say that some of the best creations come from people trying to solve a problem. Therefore, Pulsar Moonlight first got its start as a way to raise money for homeless animals. That’s the idea as to make delicate globe lights modeled after the moon, and they really hope that soon this goodwill endeavor transformed into a full-fledged business.
You can keep the lamp inside or outside the house, it’s really suitable for both. Besides the moonlight lamps, the Pulsar Moonlight also hand-painted their lights to look just like miniature versions of the real thing planets like Neptune, Mars and even Jupiter.
If you happen to be curious at how Pulsar Moonlight creates their outer space lamps, firstly, they gather the clear orbs that typically occupy garden lamp posts. And then, in order to reproduce all of its incredible details they apply scientific photographs of the planets and moon by using a special acrylic paint.