Beautiful Mural in 5-8 Layers Stencil

For those who are very involved in the street art community, Logan Hicks ( is a bit of an odd but much-loved figure. On the one hand, he is a very important link between many people in street art because he’s been around for a long time and has been involved in organizing projects like Primary Flight, and his stenciling technique pushed the medium forward significantly.

On the other hand, he isn’t much of a street artist since he rarely paints murals and has hardly done any illegal pieces since developing his trademark style. He’s more of a studio painter who happens to use spray paint, but, as opposed to many so-called “urban artists” who jumped on the street art bandwagon in the mid 2000’s but stuck to gallery work, Hicks is well-respected in the street art community. Even in the relatively early days of street art shared online, Hicks’ art sparked development in the global stencil community in a way that absolutely wouldn’t have been possible just a few years before.(
Logan Hicks is today known for his intricate photorealistic multilayer stencils of urban environments. Originally from Baltimore, and now based in New York, Hicks is a leader in the photorealistic stencil technique, meticulously hand cutting layer after layer to build up the light, shadow, and highlights of the natural world. Hicks ran a screen printing business for several years before dedicating himself to street art. In early 2017 he tackled the Bowery Wall in New York City, painting an immense work composed of 1,050 stencils. Titled Story of My Life, it captures the friends, family, and supporters who have helped Hicks along his artistic career in New York.
Hicks says flat out that the internet is how he got his start as a serious artist, jump-starting his career by getting his work in front of people around the world instantly. He was posting on the Stencil Revolution forum, and, like a lot of stencil art, Hicks’ pieces work well when viewed in photographs. Some art doesn’t translate well when documented in a photograph, like pieces that are extremely detailed in a way that is not photorealistic or need more than one shot for the viewer to grasp, but stencils tend to work well photos, and photos are easy to post online.
Source: My Modern Met

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