Beautiful Ornate Mandalas Gilded with Gold Leaf

Asmahan A. Mosleh is a UK-based mandala artist whose work can make everyone who sees it at awed and flabbergasted. It seems that Mosleh really has a gift as to select vibrant colors to compliment her intricate designs. For the job, she uses watercolor or acrylic for the bright pops of color and for the final brilliant touch she would use gold metallic paint.

Normally, in order to complete her task of creating one piece of stunning mandala, she would take between 8 and 54 hours. It seems that Mosleh must have such an infinite patience and a steady hand in creating her intricate mandalas all because she really has to create her own patterns by building up the finished product in several steps. First thing that she has to do is to sketch with a pencil. Only then after tracing the original pencil drawing in ink, the detail work begins.

She has to pay very much attention to detail in such a way the pattern can have a hypnotic affect. And amazingly, the hypnotic patterning of her work reminds us that while mandalas have a long, spiritual history. Whether we like it or not, when looking at her intricate work, even a modern society like us will continue to be highly mesmerized and it’s no surprise that they always capture our attention.

Now, our prospective, leading mandala artist has over 130,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently hosts giveaways. She would also shares her ornate work and the process behind working on each piece on her Instagram. And it seems that Moesleh wants to bring her work to another level as she currently focusing on getting her work into galleries. If she can maintain everyone’s interests, we believe that her exhibition will surely be realized soon.