Beautiful Photorealistic Murals

Lonac is a Croatian photorealistic street artist behind these beautiful murals. He felt that things you learned in college only to rationalize bad work. You agree? Check out what he did with his murals that beautify the city street in his neighborhood.


Actually his real name is not Lonac. It was his calling name when he was just a boy. Do you think he liked his name? Very much not. In fact he really hated being called Lonac. May be because of its meaning, not very cool for a name. Lonac means cooking pot in Croatian.


But as he began making graffiti on the street, he was looking for a unique name as most graffiti got the name of the writer. He had to come up with a tag name for himself. So he signed his street art with Lonac, the name which he hated most when he was a boy.


He said, “There are not many people painting murals, or even painting with the spray paint in the way you do it with a brush, so I taught myself by hard work and by ignoring those with bad influences.”