Beautiful Photos of the Blue Forest in Belgium

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Beautiful Photos of the Blue Forest in Belgium

If you love discovering Amazing Travel Destinantions off the beaten path, do we have a place for you. Though this may look like a scene straight out of a fairy-tale, this blue forest is, in fact, real. Just 30 minutes south of Brussels, in Belgium, is a forest called Hallerbos. During the spring, the forest’s floor is covered in bluebell flowers which creates a carpet-like effect. Recently, photographer Kilian Schnberger went deep into the woods to capture these incredible shots.

“The colors are really that blue, especially under the moist conditions of the morning fog. England is famous for its bluebell forests, too.” He said.

He continues, “There is not too much post processing done. The fog is natural. Forecasting foggy conditions is an essential part of my photography.  Some contrast enhancement and color management in the darker parts of the image are all I’ve done.”

The ethereal fog that forms quite often in this forest accentuates its mystical and surreal atmosphere even more. To experience this forest with all of your senses, visit early in the morning or at night – when the wonderful smell of the bluebells is at its strongest.

Image credits: Kilian Schönberger | Shoot

Image credits: Walter Spoor | Here

Image credits: Guy Lambrechts | Check

Image credits: Jimmy De Taeye | Above

Image credits: Kilian Schönberger | Six

Image credits: Matthias Locker | Start | Up

Image credits: Ramon Stijnen | Here

Image credits: josnas | The blue

mage credits: gvriend | Planet

Image credits: Mathijs Frenken | Capture

Image credits: Kilian Schönberger | Here

Image credits: Bart Ceuppens | Health


Image credits: Robert Delpeut | Still

Image credits: Adrian Popan | Look

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