Beautiful Portraits on Abandoned Buildings

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Beautiful Portraits on Abandoned Buildings

Tyrone Wright or Rone is an Australian street artist who is celebrated for his portraits of glamorous women. And he has recently gained more and more popularity due to his series of international large-scale murals. And now he concentrates on painting stunning portraits of a beautiful woman on the wall of abandoned buildings.

Most likely that Rone has already separated himself away from the bigger, better and higher philosophy of modern day muralism for a brand new project that explore more on the fragility of beauty in rundown buildings.

Rone is now based in Melbourne and found himself pondering much about the idea of presenting aesthetic memory in an abandoned space. That’s when he came with his creations of an emotionally naked series of portraits called Empty. Even though now Rone becomes a well-known street artist, he still works very hard for improvement.

Now with the abandoned interiors he is happy to have all the freedom as not to have to satisfy the community with large public pieces, which means he can create more intimate emotions. Only that the portraits of these women seem to always be a part of the space and most likely keeping its secrets.

Rone’s creation which was once always very full of life is now memorialized with what’s been left behind, indicating that he is quite sensitive to the idea of these spaces. He said, “Painting beautiful works in places of neglect try and highlight what may have been lost or perhaps what we’re trying to hold on to. Every empty space poses the same questions like, what was there before there was nothing? The story of each space is told through what’s left behind.”

Rone’s introspective women clearly reflect in the rusted ironwork, falling tiles and the peeling paint as they appear either to cast downhearted looks through the crumbling space or look down, as if trying to refute the decay near them.

Those paintings of women are showcasing Rone’s masterful brushwork, looking as if they are charcoal drawings engraved into the space over time. In Rone’s Empty exhibition, the new works on canvas are coming along with full series of photographs which were correctly adequate staged in a dilapidated space which was the former Star Lyric Theater in Melbourne.

Since this art nouveau theater is soon scheduled for demolition, this gives a perfect synergy with Rone’s project. The show which last only for 10 days will close on October 23, inviting more than 1,000 visitors coming to the opening night alone. Rone is currently planning on holding virtual reality tour of the entire project. Hopefully it will allow us to deep ourselves in these overlooked spaces.

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