Beautifully Artistic Accessories to Suit Your High Taste

For you embroidery lovers, Jessica Blazek can present wonderful embroideries that fit in your palm perfectly. She could translate some famous piece from art history into those cute creations. You should give a visit to her Thimble Thistle, her online shop featuring many exquisite landscapes of world-class work done by Vincent van Gogh, Hokusai, and Claude Monet. They are all meticulously recreated with colorful threads.


Each of Blazek’s work represents the original paintings’ essence as her tiny stitches convey the bold brush strokes typical to those respective artists who are so famous.


Blazek also created something to wear for your neck like awesome embroideries in hoops. The pendants can attach to antique bronze-plated chains, but when necklaces aren’t to your liking, with her ingenuity and by simply adding a pin back, these pieces can be converted into brooches.


Thimble Thistle Etsy shop now includes the stitched accessories for sale.

Source: My Modern Met, Jessica Blazek, Instagram