Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of This Photographer’s Find At Instagram

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Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of This Photographer’s Find At Instagram

When scrolling through an Instagram feed we are mesmerized by the beauty and quality of the photographs. And it often leaves us wondering if all these people have personal professional photographers and a free pass to a studio with the best settings you can imagine. It appears that is not always the case but you can trick others into thinking it actually is. With a touch of creativity and knowledge of editing you can turn a casual photo into magical Instagram-worthy image and here is a proof of that.

Calipatria-based photographer and graphic designer Calob Castellon shows that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on social media and reveals the truth behind perfect photos. In his series, he shows the behind-the-scenes of how a simple picture is transformed into an eye-catching work of art, and over 300k Instagram followers appreciate it.

Quite unexpected places like the grocery store aisle turn into dreamlike backgrounds, a TV screen creates an out-of-this-world atmosphere and ATM seems to stand for ‘automated time machine’ when a photo-shoot is in talented hands and an artistic mind.

Scroll down to see several fotos that we had of them

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