Beloved Pets as Cartoon-Inspired Tattoos

If you love your pets to be inked on your skin, this South Korean tattooist named Jiran is the one you are looking for. Like many animal tattoo artists, he often got commissioned to ink his clients with their beloved furry fellows. Check out what his tattoos are like. Quite amazing huh?

But what makes Jiran’s animal tattoos different from the rest is maybe because he applies a highly imaginative and deeply distinctive approach to portraying pets. This certainly makes his art characterized by his quirky and cartoon-y style.

At times though, Jiran would work on photographs to complete his animal depictions, which range from scenes rooted entirely in fantasy to silly yet straightforward portraits. For example he would use a talking Corgi, numerous animals proudly holding plant-based props and even he includes two Chihuahuas hitching a ride on a giraffe’s neck.

As a matter of fact, Jiran’s collection of inspired pet tattoos is very much stylized yet simple by featuring mostly a minimal neutral-based color palette and also bold, black lines at the same time.