Ben Foster’s Geometric Animal Sculptures

Ben Foster is a New Zealand-based sculptor who creates those modern, inorganic renderings of animals that brag about its geometric design. What makes his sculpture so admirable is because each sculpture in his portfolio can impressively blend the lines of the abstract into the real side, be it a dog howling at the moon, a seal trying to balance an invisible ball or even a horse standing in place.

In every single Foster’s sculpture design, the light and shadows can seem to dance around the geometric body as the viewer moves around one of his sculptures. If the spectators try to shift their positions, they will end up getting the full visual spectrum of their complex shape.

If seen from one side of an angle, the sculpture seems to imitate an animal made entirely of multi-toned triangles. But if it seen from another perspective, it then offers a more unchanging appearance in its color and texture.

Eventually, it is an artistic artificial and lifeless organic entity. As Foster says, “My works are a culmination of the natural and the man-made – a careful balance of form and motion.”

Source: My Modern Met, Ben Foster, Facebook