The World Looks Extremely Different From The Top And These Images Reveal A New Beauty

The World Looks Extremely Different From The Top And These Images Reveal A New Beauty

Photographer Benjamin Grant believes in globetrotting with a purpose. His wild snaps of magnificent destinations in the world are anything will alter your perspective for good!

How does the world appear from the top? Well, like most of us, if you drew a blank, you're in the right place! Simply put, the point of this post is to startle you - by enabling you to feast your eyes on some of the wildest satellite images we've come across. The works are the brainchild of photographer Benjamin Grant, who began to pursue his innate love for photography by capturing striking images taken from the satellite. His aim was to open a window for people to see how their interference has caused major irreversible damage to our planet. Most of his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. Don't believe me? Scroll now!

1. The Town of Grammichele looks anything like what it really is!


2. If this view of Palmanova, the star fort doesn't startle you, nothing will...


3.  There's beauty in turbulence... for, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


4. This is Philadelphia and we think it's shocking!


5. The slithering Juan River is anything like what it is!


6. The beautiful Unisphere tells many untold stories!


7. The agricultural fields are proof that you've got to believe in magic!


8. Parasail in action... do you see what we see?


9. The red dots in Ankara, Turkey signifies the often overlooked beauty in clusters! 


10. Dendritic drainage systems look like a surreal painting...doesn't it?


11. When snow falls tell a mystic tale of its own!


12. Canola Fields resemble a beautiful mosaic art!


13. This satellite image of Kingston special is sure to give you travel goals!


14. The isolated Dutch island is anything but the usual...


15. Rovinj in Croatia looks like a piece from another planet!


16. The Third Avenue Bridge passing over Upper Saint Anthony Falls is too scenic to be true!


17. The satellite image of Beach Haven West makes for a perfect Instagram picture!


18. Happy trees or is there something more to it all?


19. Row your boat!


20. Evil spreads with a touch of beauty!


21. The mosaic looking Pembrokeshire is pure #picturegoals!


22. The gorgeous tulip fields look like a piece of art! 


23. Bright canola flowers signify the beauty of having things show their sunny side up!


24. Lady of the North is a work of absolute beauty, indeed!


25. Galaxia... oh what a marvel!


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