Best Amazing String Art from Petros Vrellis (Greece)

Knitting maybe usually related with women craft activity, but in this art work Petros Vrellis show to audience how science, art passion, and math in art visual harmonic composition.


Petros Vrellis was born in Greece in 1974. He holds a MEng in Electrical Engineering and a MA in Art Sciences. He has been working as an engineering project manager in his native Greece since 1999.

As computer sciences open up new ways of expression, he tries to combine his technological background with arts by exploring the potential of new media through digital art and interactive installations. He considers himself more of a “toy-inventor” than an artist; he believes that the most important thing is to find new ways to “play” by experimenting and even by breaking the rules, source :

string_art1\ string_art3

2-3 km long of thread and 3000-4000 times thread runs from one anchor peg to another, it’s totally craftmanship and computer program it had been make a mapping point and the absence of black thread gives a completely white color tone. The tone darkens as the density and the intersections of the black thread increase.


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