Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

It’s not a true best friend if it doesn’t last forever. And best friend won’t last forever if there is no effort to maintain a good relation. One of the efforts which can be done is by trying to make some kind like a bond that clearly shows that there is a close relation between the two individuals. The most common sign that can show that the two beings are real friends is that they decide to mark their bodies with something closely related with one another. The ideas of inking their skins with similar tattoos are most common sight.

This best friend tattoo idea is a way to honor true friendship and a way to maintain the quality of friendship. If you happen to agree with the idea, maybe you can check out the gallery lists that Bored Panda has compiled to just give some awesome inspiration for those who want to have best friend tattoos.
The list features everything from skeletons, ghosts, feathers, whales, bees and birds. And because it is Bored Panda’s ideas to make the collection, so it also includes some pandas of course in the list. So, what do you think guys? Which one is your favorite?
Source: Bored Panda, hellogiggles