Better Looking Snails Might Save Snails’ Lives

Stefan Siverud has done something different that many people won’t do. And he has done this project for several years, decorating snail shells with eye-catching and colorful designs. His Snailpimp project has featured the snails in various styles ranging from a colorful rainbow or an attractive miniature lighthouse to the McDonald’s logo.


Actually, what he did could save the lives of snails by being easily noticeable to people passing by not to step on them. With this new multicolored shells, the snails are more visible from above. This way they are less likely to get stepped on by unsuspecting human.


To paint those snails Siverud uses non-toxic paints which are safe for the snails. So some environmentalists and mollusks lovers should not worry about the bad impact of his work on the snails. They just need to enjoy more artistic and better looking snails.

Source: My Modern Met, Stefan Siverud, Tumblr



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