Young Woman Artist's 'Wild' Art Inspires Us To Embrace Sexuality!

Young Woman Artist's 'Wild' Art Inspires Us To Embrace Sexuality!

BETÜL TATAR is an upcoming Instagram artist who speaks a shows the true world through her artwork and it's simply awe-inspiring.

@tatarbetul is an Instagram artist who has a lot to say about the problems faced by people of this generation. She does so through her artwork. No one can stop her when it comes to expressing her thoughts through her artistic genius. She focuses on both the abstract and detailed forms of art while keeping her subject woman-centric. This fresh new outlook has us dazed and we urge you to give her page a quick glance.

1. Clouded thoughts


Have you ever felt like you're not yourself?

2. College days be like...


Her interpretation of college days.

3. Music on my mind


Let's talk about the G spot!

4. Constrained


The world has us chained up!

5. A dull glance


No one care to give a look.

6. Color Ivy


When things seem mundane.

7. Roots that run deep


Get in touch with your inner thoughts.

8. Shame is not the name


Pride yourself in the body you have.

9. The psychedelic mind


The opening of the third eye.

10. Illusion diffusion


Let it go.

11. Evoke the wonder woman in you


It's all about confidence.

12. Meiosis of personality


Imagine their turmoil!

13. Crippled by society


We are one and the same.

14. Mind control


Don't lose your focus.

15. Cover up!


Not something you want to hear.

16. The new game


Wear the chains of restraint as jewelry.

17. Cruel intentions


This looks really dark.

18. Lusty cravings


This is nothing to be ashamed of.

19. Social standards


What they expect us to be.

20. Abused


Stand strong and don't let them harm you.

21. Anorexic dreams


Meeting social standards is not worth this.

22. All for one


Perceive them as you would perceive any human being.

23. Acceptance


We do it all to feel accepted.

24. Breaker of chains


Be the first to do it!

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