Big Dog is in My Life

Hi, my name is Woo-jae Jeong. Most of my paintings are using oil paints and put them on canvas. To actualize my feeling about the object that I’m going to paint, I usually use photographs just to make sure I don’t miss on anything. But the most important thing about my work is related with my mood and my feelings.


First thing I do prior to paintings, I check specific place or time to fit my feelings. Then with a model I come to the location to take the pictures.


After I’m done with snapping the model on location, then, I photograph my dog at home, for sure the atmosphere as well as the environment should be made similar to the one where the model was in. Then I would start off blending those two images to merge nicely to look as if they were really connecting with one another.


When I feel that the image from the combining process is a true match for me, only then do I sketch with the photograph so as to remember the image and put color on my work to express the feeling and the light of the moment with concentrating on the sense and touch of the color on the work. Normally it takes about two weeks to finish one work.