Bird Paintings for the Essence of Flight

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Bird Paintings for the Essence of Flight

Denis Gonchar is an Ukrainian-based painter behind these series of Flying Birds including hawks, owls and eagles which are set against the background of geometric solid-color. Actually what he is trying to show is that he could present his digital paintings about the essence of flight of such birds.

Supposedly such paintings can showcase how the dynamically-posed creatures can look as though they are celebrated as being able to produce wonderful composure as well as great power.

In Gonchar’s paintings, we clearly see that they are surely rich in color to give an impression of a style which is simultaneously realistic and abstract. In order to produce such awesome result, he would use angled brushes to gain the look of movement and to highlight sharp features.

It seems that Gonchar is able to create a mass of feathers without single difficulty. With just a few quick strokes the awesome picture can soon be relished.

Due to his brilliant technique in pairing this chiseled style with diffused edges and details, viewers can feel that these animals are really flapping their wings up and down in one elegant, runny motion.

H/T My Modern Met

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