Photographer's Raw Images On The Different Stages Of Motherhood Will Melt Your Heart!

Photographer's Raw Images On The Different Stages Of Motherhood Will Melt Your Heart!

Motherhood is often perceived as a milestone in a woman's life. And, this photographer captures the joys of maternity in the most surrealistic manner possible!

Giving birth to a child is a gift that every woman who wants a child looks forward to. While some like immortalizing these moments by capturing them others have aren't that comfortable. Fortunately, a contest was held which urged mothers to send in their entries and some of them were magnificent. There were five different categories namely Maternity, Labor, Birth, Fresh, and Breastfeeding. The judges had to choose from thousands of entries to select a winner for the various divisions. We have rounded up a couple of those entries and some winning photographs that will simply blow your mind!

1. “Nowhere And Everywhere”


In the Labor category, Rebecca Coursey-Rugh from Rebecca Coursey Photography won the first prize. 

2. “Staying Afloat”


Second place in the Maternity category.

3. “Transition To Earth”


The Winner of the People’s Choice of the Birth Category

4. “Caught In Between Worlds”


This picture managed to gain a third position for Birth.

5. “Fist Bump For Mom”


Neely Ker-Fox secured the second position for Birth.

6. “Stir Fry”


Christina Benton won third place for breastfeeding.

7. “Three Souls Labor As One”


Esther Edith Of Esther Edith Photography was the winner in the People’s Choice Category.

8. “Stunning Siblings First Encounter”

Marijke Theon

Marijke Thoen Of Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie, Lochristi, Belgium was the overall winner.

9.  “Half Born and Already Reaching for Mama”


Selena Rollason of Brisbane Birth Photography from Brisbane, AU was the winner of the Birthing category

10. “Labor By Candlelight”

Ashley Marston Photography

The second place for Labor went to Ashley Marston.

11. “A Hush Fell Over The Crowd”

Gabriella Hunt Photography

The People’s Choice Category named Gabriella Hunt for the Breastfeeding category.

12. “Rebirth”

Lacey Barratt Photography

Fresh/postpartum second place was secured by Lacey Barratt.

13. “This Is What A Goddess Looks Like”


 Jen Conway Of Jen Conway Photography won the first place for maternity.

14. “This Is Vbac”

Fox Valley Birth And Baby

Veronika Richardson received the first place for fresh/postpartum.

15. “Success”

Neo Photography

Deborah Elenter Of Neo Photography was the winner of the People’s Choice Category

16. “A Mother’s Love”

Vanessa Mendez

The third place for maternity goes to Vanessa Mendez Photography.

17. “Before The Cut”

Laura Cate Photography

Laura Wando managed to secure the third place for Labor.

18. “Tranquility”

Fox Valley Birth And Baby

Veronika Richardson secured the second position for Breastfeeding.

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