Black Eyeliner to Give Her Lips a Chilling Illusion

Sandra Holmbom didn’t have to go through an art education nor did she need to sit in an art class to make her able to create interesting bizarre make up effects. She’d rather use her self-taught make up skills in order to come up with some pretty eye-catching stuff. Just check out what she did to her lips.


How is it possible for her to make that beautiful lip art? The Internet and social media have completely changed the way people do stuff, and that’s true for the art of beauty and makeup.

Instead of doing things in the same old simple styles, people are continuously trying to find out brand new stuff that will boost their followings by making good use of Instagram as a haven for makeup artists. And even crossing the line between everyday looks to more subversive aesthetics, only that make-up innovation can then be created.

Now with such media, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to create impressive, beauty-related art. Just connect yourself to YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, anybody can teach you the make-up trick or you can even grow that talent without even being taught by a make-up specialist.

Starts off with simple stuff


She first coats her lips with white, and to make the outer shape of her design then lines them with a simple black liner.

You already see the shape forming if you think about it


Guess what that might be. What she will make is actually pretty cool. You don’t need to worry, there’s more to it than this.

In order to come together this is where to start.


In the center of the lips, she makes the outer shapes by using a small brush.

To fill in the inner circle, she uses the black


She’s transforming her lips into eyes since a dark pupil is the center spot. You will probably be able to tell what she’s making at this point.

To top it off, it’s the eye-shadow’s turn.


The eye-shadow palette’s colors are the core of the design she’s creating by using a brush.

Source: Life Buzz, Sandra Holmbom, Instagramfacebook