Black Rhino Recreated in Fabric Collage

Sophie Standing is a Kenyan-based artist who creates elegant portraits of animals on her sewing machine by using cloth as her paint palette.


Standing would first do some sketching of the image onto a canvas and then appliqueing an intricate collage of fabric on top to construct her pieces which are probably the one-of-a-kind creations. And then by using a variety of colored threads, she stitches linear details over her work.


This may make a painterly look to her piece, working as a combination of technique and gestural, called emotive marks. Here, to cover the hide of a large rhino, Standing used various collections of fabrics.


They can merge seamlessly together and flow to the whole animal’s body. Some are bold floral patterns while others are geometric in designs. Above all, dark-colored thread outlines its creases and shades to give characterization to the form.