Black Women Proud of Their African Heritage

Just recently Afro women can and should be proud of their look since they can make real enchanting beauty that only beautiful people can brag about. It is this Pierre Jean-Louis, a visual artist from US who can create these mesmerizing portraits of black women by transforming their hair into flowery galaxies. Check these out.

Actually, Pierre wants to let black women know how much he appreciates them for embracing their African heritage by turning their Afros into works of art in his series, “Black Girl Magic.”

For sure, everyone who is looking will fall for this exoticism and real beauty with these mesmerizing portraits showing black women with their gorgeous look.

As Pierre told Bored Panda. “A lot of [black women] are brainwashed to not appreciate their natural beauty. Especially in 2016, earlier this year I saw so many black queens who feel comfortable enough and proud to show their African heritage.”