Black Work Tattoos Like Sketches

There is something amazing about this tattoo artist from Poland. Her name is Inez Janiak. She has collected an important images following by regular sharing forms of her spectacular pieces. Check out her incredible work in the form of amazing monochrome sketch tattoos.


To start her tattoos she’d usually treat the skin as canvas. When done, her tattoos seem to dance around the flesh, still in broken lines and shading to give an illusion of charcoal sketches. Not only that, her work would have Gothic feel but stay balanced because of the light, feathery strokes which create depth and movement.


She seems to have all the skill as to give her tattoos significant emotive force on each work. For instance, her growling bear snarls aggressively looking like to drive away anyone coming near it, while a dancer’s hair curls around her, lost in the enthusiasm of her motion.


Janiak’s piece really takes a geometric quality as well, with raw sketches showing the figures and shapes used to construct the whole forms. Whether she inked into the skins some animals, natural elements and human figures, her only and distinctive style can soon be recognized.