Blossoms and Leaves into Exquisite Floral Portraits

You can sift through this duo artist Sister Golden and Vicky Rawlins whose collection of flower prints are really amazing. And now you can buy your own blossoming flower art portrait from them. Just check out how beautiful their collections are.

As Golden says, “The actual act of creating each piece, for me, is therapeutic, spending lots of time outside walking and foraging, truly in the moment, my eyes scanning every square inch of my surroundings. A fallen leaf goes into the bag, later it may become an eyebrow or dog ear. I pick up thin twigs, hoping they’ll work as a cheekbone or chin. The possibilities seem endless!”

To Rawlins, the finished product is not just as meaningful as the process behind each plant-y portrait is. Each portrait portrays a flower-y female subject which mostly composed of jade-green succulents, dried leaves, just-blossomed blooms and other forest finds.

And sometimes, the muses are even joined by animal friends. Every composition is set against either a beautiful nature-filled background or a white backdrop. Each arrangement is without the aid of glue or tape. They are entirely ephemeral, fabricated by Rawlins, much like the flowers themselves.