Illustrator Depicts The Struggles Of Living In With An IT Guy and She Clearly Cracks The Code!

Illustrator Depicts The Struggles Of Living In With An IT Guy and She Clearly Cracks The Code!

If you've been in a relationship with a techie, or are currently dating one, these comics would made a great deal of sense! Scroll through and smile a little!

Born in Hong Kong, Bonnie Pang always had an affinity toward drawing and comics. She has been creating original illustrations since 2013 and is currently working on three namely: Roar Street Journal, MindBound, and a personal one called IT Guy and ART Girl. This comic strip shows the cute and beautiful relationship between her boyfriends and herself. Bonnie used her comics as a creative medium to express her thoughts, which happened to be accepted by over 180k people. Her Instagram account and Facebook page are quite the places you might want to check out!

1. Like minds


They are brilliant together!

2. I'll be here for you


Not by choice.

3. Even the stench is wonderful


This is love.

4. Expectation Vs Reality!



This is the real me!

5. Wake up call!


Say goodbye to your undisturbed sleep!

6. Sleepless nights!




No more of this!

7. Mr. Cuddles


Too much for one night?

8. Clever!


That's an amazing excuse!

9. That's really uncanny!





That was a lot of over thinking! Phew!

10. Work in progress





We all love the attention.

11. Tell me about it!



Little does she know!

12. Lotion me!






This is it!

13. Priorities


He knows exactly what he wants.

14. It's a matter of time


How does one get used to this?

15. Talk about functions





This should do!

16. Roses and the likes



Not the right choice?

17. That's so cute!


These two are couple goals!

18. Winter is coming!


Let the shopping begin!

19. Comfort first!


Isn't this the best feeling?

20. The seventh circle of hell!


Why does this always happen!

21. Cuddly moments!


Aren't they the sweetest?

22. Shopping Spree





This is interesting!

23. Energize yourself!





All I need is you!

24. Not the best dinner partner!






This is super awkward!

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