Breathtaking Photos of Lighthouses

You may wonder how mariners found their way homes from their sea journey in ancient time when there was no computer to help them navigate to cross the ocean. It was the invention of a construction called lighthouse that has been a universal symbol of marine safety and guidance that had helped the mariners since ancient time.

Even if now, many lighthouses are left unattended and abandoned because they don’t serve as navigation aids like they used to be, still some are well taken care of and receive good maintenance for the sake of old time.For sure the lighthouses are gradually outliving their usefulness. But looking at their structure, they are still epic monuments to human ingenuity and to their own resilience.Bored Panda decided to share some amazing lighthouse photos with their loyal readers. And since the American usually herald the August 7th as their National Lighthouse Day, some important lighthouses got particular attention for photography sessions.

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