Breathtaking Virtual Universe in 360º Installation

Joanie Lemercier is an audiovisual artist. Just recently he unveiled Nimbes, a remarkable installation that submerges viewers in a spectacular virtual universe.


Nimbes will take the audience on a 15 minutes trip around cosmos, where they see constellations, solitary landscapes and falling architectural constructions. The piece itself is created by using photography, CGI, laser scans, and projection mapping


When taking the journey on the 360º installation, the audience will hear the only music of James Ginzburg. Hopefully the installation allows the viewers to discover every direction around them to find out new sights of an extraordinary world.


Lemercier once explains that: “The audience is at the center of the space, and the universe unfolds in front of their eyes. It starts out with stars, which connect to make constellations. The constellations become mountains and landscapes, and viewers are taken on a journey, discovering nature and architecture.”