Briliant of Brush Stroke and Vivid Color Scheme

“DING! DING!” The ending of Rocky III is a very cool moment in the franchise, when Apollo Creed finally gets a rematch with Rocky Balboa…in an empty gym.

The music builds, the athletes each move in for a punch, and then BAM! FREEZE! The still of Rocky and Apollo landing punches on each other fades into an extremely colorful Leroy Neiman painting. The painting not only represents that exact moment in time, but it’s a beautiful piece of work, whether you like the movie or not.(

LeRoy Neiman (born LeRoy Leslie Runquist, June 8, 1921 – June 20, 2012) was an American artist known for his brilliantly colored, expressionist paintings and screen prints of athletes, musicians, and sporting events.
Neiman’s painting is so marvelous and wanted by so many fans of the artist and of the film, that although no reproductions have ever been officially released, you can find posters of it online for sale. Some overseas art studios even reproduce it as an oil painting for people to order! Neiman also created another Rocky painting, this one of just Rocky wearing the title belt, which can be seen hanging on the back wall in Rocky’s restaurant Adrian’s in the movie Rocky Balboa.

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