Brilliant in-Motion Sculptures from Recycled Plastics

My name is Sayaka Ganz. I adore Van Gogh’s brush strokes in canvas and wish to do that remarkable artwork in different dimension. So I began to collect used plastic items to make sculptures.


I created animals like horses, dolphins, birds or polar bears out of recycled plastics like plastic forks, spoons, hangers, or spatulas. Anything coming from your kitchen drawers, those of plastic tools can be my sources. But since I adopt a-3D Impressionism for my work, I made a serious effort to make my plastic animals in motion, as to make a polar bear fishing at ice hole, some dolphins swimming above or horses galloping out from a wall.


The animals will look obvious that they are just plastic kitchen tools, only when we get close to the sculptures. And when observing closely, we will notice some bents, stains or even cracks in the materials since I got them from thrift stores or collected from relatives or people who want to dump them.

Here my intention using plastic objects for my piece is to educate myself and to raise my concerns about environmental awareness.

Source: Bored Panda, Sayaka GanzFacebook





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