24 Broke Jokes That You Can Afford To Laugh At!

24 Broke Jokes That You Can Afford To Laugh At!

These tweets sum up the realities of our lives. And well, the joke's on you!

In recent times, prices of things have been shooting up, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about our pay. While some people are constantly on the brink of running out of money, others are flat out broke. It would be a lie if you denied being in such a situation at some point in life unless you're insanely rich. Although it is a tense situation to be in, we often tend to lighten our mood by joking about it. It's the only coping mechanism that these Twitterati know as well!

1. Traveling plans?


Even our bank account calls us out on our bluff!

2. It's show time!


And it goes away in the blink of an eye.

3. Let's get this party started!


Or not.

4. When sadness strikes


Isn't it painful?

5. When I was a kid...


Nothing has changed!

6. Back off!


Even darkness has given up on him!

7. Don't fall for this, guys!


Best to ignore such gossip!

8. A man with a plan!


Wasn't that obvious Alex?

9. Can you feel his pain?


Let's ease it together!

10. Dirty talk


That's a really nasty thing!

11. Not the best thing to do!


That's a good plan, though!

12. Ignorance is bliss


Nothing can hurt me!

13. I'm rich again!


We're back to being broke on the very next day.

14. Debt collectors


And now it's celestial!

15. No money, no problem!


That's the way we roll!

16. Unwelcome changes


We weren't looking forward to this!

17. See you next time!


They never do!

18. No thanks!


I wish I could help.

19. There goes your oral hygiene


How broke is he?

20. This has to stop!


This guy is too damn funny!

21. If this isn't sadness I don't know what is!


That's heart-breaking!

22. Give us a chance!


Let us see for ourselves!

23. Please shoot me!


A tough decision to make!

24. ROFL!


This is just sad!

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