Broken Furniture with Translucent Materials

Don’t just throw away your broken furniture. For Tatiane Freitas they can make even better fixtures for your homes. Are you in doubt? Just check out what Tatiane did to some old broken furniture which she fixed into a much better restored furnishing with their new look.

Tatiane got inspiration from her experience as she broke her old chair. Instead of trying to restore the old look, she repairs the broken furniture with translucent acrylic. To her surprise, the broken old chair was already transformed into a totally stunning fixed old chair with its brand new look.

Since then, she has continued looking out for broken furniture and tried to fix them in the same way she did to her previous chair. And she seems to get much better technique in repairing and at the same time transforming broken stuff to have their better new look. And the most amazing thing about the result is that the new old fixed furniture creates a captivating optical illusion.

As she gets very sure with what she is doing, only then she makes it becomes her business. The ongoing series she labelled it with “My Old New Chair”. Tatiane’s method seems to be very similar to the Japanese kintsugi which is an art of repairing broken pottery with various materials, including gold, silver, or platinum.