Bry Marie Creates Amazing Tiny Oil Paintings On Pennies

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Bry Marie Creates Amazing Tiny Oil Paintings On Pennies

Tiny Oil Paintings

For some people, penny coins are truly worthless because of their small nominal value and are only used for returns from buying and selling transactions in stores. or only to give to beggars or buskers. but this penny will be very valuable in the hands of this one artist. Bry Marie, an artist who has 11.6k followers on his Instagram account, created amazing miniature paintings on penny coins. Creative ideas, talents and skills really extraordinary. The subjects are landscapes, portraits, wildlife, and fantasy works and so on in great detail, precise compositions and producing incredibly beautiful mini paintings.

Bry Marie said, "I started painting miniatures a few years ago as a daily exercise, primarily with the goal to paint more often and hone my skills for finer detail in smaller compositions. By the time I completed my first mini landscape, I was already fascinated by the amount of detail I was able to achieve on such a small surface and immediately wanted to paint another.

Despite my original worries of this exercise becoming tedious at best, it quickly turned into my favorite part of the day. The average painting can take up to ten hours to complete, but the process is stretched between multiple days to allow drying time between each layer. If I have multiple pieces I'm working on at once, it can take weeks to complete one piece. Everything I achieve is done traditionally using oils, along with simple mediums to help with the flow of the paints, and of course, tiny brushes. I chose coins simply because I prefer to paint on metal, and preferably copper, so the penny was the perfect fit for the job. And yes, I do prefer pennies minted before 1981 because of their higher copper content!

I enjoy painting commissions and personal pieces with various subjects including landscapes, portraits, wildlife, and fantasy work because I am an avid book lover.

You can see more of my paintings and some behind the scenes pictures and videos on my Instagram or my website".

Chek out the amazing Bry Marie's artworks below !

More info and source : Instagram | I I I Here I Here and Here I Support I Game .

Bry Marie's Videos :

More info and source : Instagram | I I I Here I Here and Here I Support I Game .

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