Cartoon Tattoos Every ‘90s Kid Will Love

Many would agree when someone inks his skin with cartoon tattoos, it makes him still have a kid at heart, because some people believe that cartoons are only for kids. What do you think?


People believe that cartoons are still much related with comical accounts which only kids and teenagers like cartoons. This maybe is true but there is nothing wrong if more and more adults love and enjoy reading cartoons.

Some adults even include cartoons as their iconic idols. They seem to love cartoons and really appreciate them for coming along their lives. They love cartoons all because they’ve seen them almost every day, be it the old cartoons or modern ones that are recently out today.

Generally people of all ages enjoy any type of animated characters as they are part of an entertainment. But if you belong to those who love the retro cartoons, you would probably like to have tattoos of anything animated like Japanese anime cartoons or maybe Disney cartoons.

#1. Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders


A demon Ned Flanders is holding a beheaded Marge fighting the Samurai Homer Simpson. This is a badass Japanese style tattoo.

#2. Popeye


Nothing is more amazing than to make your arm look like the Popeye’s famous arm punch. That is the best way to illustrate this an optical effect of Popeye.

#3. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck


Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are seen as villains? That’s really cool! Imagine Mickey Mouse becomes the Joker and Donald Duck becomes Freddy Krueger.

#4. Beevis and Butthead


Wearing their favorite band tees, everyone’s favorite on-screen pair of friends showing their love for each other

#5. Daria


The best tattoo for an apathetic person is a straightforward illustration of Daria with the appropriate adjective “misunderstood” underneath her in a banner.

Source: Life Buzz, Cartoon Tattoos