Cartoons that Make You Laugh

Toon Hole is really a brilliant cartoonist who is quite active in producing hilarious absurd cartoons. Even if some people think that few of his comics are a bit abstract in ideas, still they can make many people laugh by the end of the story.

“We draw shit.” That is what Toon Hole does. As you can see, he just put what people really do in his drawing. It’s something they do very well indeed.

So, the idea of making his comics end up hilarious is that he should constantly think of the surprising ending. It seems that he did much study on how to end the story with something very surprising, something truly unexpected.

That’s when we see how brilliant he is from the way he can always get the right twists for any plots. Maybe he can read people’s inclination to see things because some people always see it in linear terms, like everything is black and white. But others see it through a more subjective lens. Therefore, there are many ways of looking at life.