24 Brilliant Illustrations That Depict The 'Real' Workout Struggles Of A Couch Potato!

24 Brilliant Illustrations That Depict The 'Real' Workout Struggles Of A Couch Potato!

Cassey Ho is celebrity gym fitness instructor who loves creating relatable illustrations that totally hit the spot. Some of these are just way too relatable.

Let's get this straight. It is indeed A LOT of hard work to sweat it out for the body that you really desire. The toughest part about it is not just about being consistent, but rather is the sacrifices we have to make-giving up on sweets tops the list. Cassey Ho is a celebrity fitness instructor who illustrates the kind of pain one has to deal with every single day. She reveals this struggle in the most hilarious ways through her honest comics. 

1. Not a problem solver


Getting thinner cannot solve your problems in life.

2. 1 minute later


Please stop this chip monster!

3. Fake it till you make it


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No one's falling for that!

4. Keeping up with the instructor


You have to get creative.


That's a solution.


She's in charge now.

5. Just a change of taste


6. Ouch, it hurts!


When happiness is too painful for us.

7. God, impart be some strength


This is one hell of a job.

8. There's always room for pie


Don't take it away!

9. It's all in your head


10. This is the real deal


Why does this keep happening?

11. Zero self-control


Free appetizers are the best.

12. At least she tried


Poor guy has to suffer every time.

13. Patience is key


You need to give it some time.

14. Cheap leggings are the worst


What can you do about it?

15. The 12-hour baby


How does this happen every day?

16. What would you choose?


Both are quite embarrassing, to be honest.

17. It's all about the pose


She goes full-on grandma while sitting down.

18. The aftermath


How do we all end up thinking the same thing?

19. Not our cup of tea


It's so tough to wake up early.

20. Always get your money's worth!


Who cares about fitness when it comes to food?

21. The story of my life!


You're not alone in this.

22. This is the real struggle!


You just have to go with it.

23. They can never be twins


We often end up looking like a goth.

24. It's time for some extra motivation


Somehow music does the trick.

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