Andrius Seselskas – Member of the Lithuanian Artist’s Union

“The reassure should smash the paper and the erasure is necessary when there is a lack of purified drawing history”, – says Andrius Seselskas. The artist has got many stories, and also a lot of symbols and thoughts for them. Looking at the paintings, you can see the unexpected visions combining historical, religious and metaphysical motifs. “I like the world of symbols, myths, legends. They are the source of inspiration. As well I like poetry and sometimes I see another one painting instead of the poem line; and I start drawing it”, – admits the creator of surreal paintings.

Comical Dark Fantasy Based of Classic Tales

One of professional artist in Fantasy Art is Dale Forward, he have been drawing for over 15 years and loves drawing dark fantasy pieces,hard worker and ton of effort to accomplished art work,its common to get blisters on his fingers and his arm goes numb. Dale Forward like the process of a drawing and then watching the different reactions of others to the finished work. “I’m inspired by classical artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci as well as modern cartoons like Adventure Time and SpongeBob. I like trying to work with new ideas every time I draw so that when I want to make a really nice piece I can fall back on the basic stuff if I run out of ideas. I’ve been drawing for pretty much all of my life and I love fantasy drawings. Mostly my art works for make it done, take between 5-12 hours each on A4 paper”.

Magda’s Foodie Folk Craft

For Magda cookies have value and stories, for express her imagination about that, she had to digging about childhood moment and comical expression, so after she thing she can make craft from simple material like polymer material. Polymer is really common for folk artist. She’s a Gdańsk (Poland) artist and creator of Mo creatures. Magda create magical creatures made of polymer clay and sculpey. Usually she did make food creations. But they are not ordinary.

Bird Specialist Watercolor Illustrator Karolina Kijak

Karolina Kijak not scientist, but her capacity and capability to describe bird’s aesthetique, it’s totally sharp and beautiful. She was always been fascinated by two worlds-world of art and world of the wildlife. She was graduated from Architecture at the Poland University of Technology and she have been designing interiors and buildings for several years. Her color scheme light and clear, sometimes she didn’t gave profound color or pattern, just let it transparent and light for her object, it’s totally awesome.

Photomicrograph, Captured Great Underworld Visualization

Justin Zoll, young but totally mastery in photomicrography, he always been extremely interested in science and technology; photomicrography seemed the perfect union of his interests. Maybe Justin Zoll not having a formal education in chemistry or photography,but with great effort and ton of passion it’s been a great way to educate himself. “The colors in my images are the result of the use of polarizing filters. One filter goes over my light source and then another between the sample and my sensor. This polarization of light interacts with the birefringent properties of the crystals producing the colors you see.

Giving Art Work is The Best Way For Branding

Professor Screwed, of Screwed Sculpts, is taking recycling to a new level – handcrafting what he finds into tiny robot sculptures with fantastic results! From ferocious sci-fi warriors to doting family droids, guitar wielding androids and more, these upcycled robots come in a wide range of themes; and the Professor leaves them around the city (or wherever he is) for people to find. Each robot is completely unique, and part of a unique universe where each bot has its own back story. If you keep your eyes peeled, there may just be a sci-fi friend ready to meet you.

Had Focus and Persistent, You can Achieve Anything

Daniel Mc Cauley is one promising young autodidact sculptor, his stories behind really touching, nine years ago he was in a bad car accident. Daniel lost his job, couldn’t work, and struggled to stay in his home that his had just bought. The accident left him with several herniated discs which compromised my ability to hold a regular job.”I had time to think about things while I layed there in pain and discomfort. I realized that I could still imagine anything I wanted to, so I decided to get creative and think outside of the box. Once I was able to get back on my feet I started tinkering around in my shop doing small creations. It wasn’t long until I realized that people were buying all of my artwork up as fast as I could make it.

Raw Color Scheme and Various Pattern in Tudor’s Painting

Today abstract expressionism still present for artist to be a method or way be making art. Composition, color, and shape is really flourishing in abstract expressionism way, even texture and technique exploration. One of new comer and show his capacity in exhibition is Tudor Titzoiu. His painting common with raw vivid colors, naive composition like kid’s drawing and pattern exploration in contrast scheme color. Landscape, and human silhouette it’s base idea in his pattern, we can feel familiar with his color and pattern, like kid’s doodling but in high effort and high taste.

Cat Mini Sculpture

Elise was succeeded jump and profound in miniature cat sculpture. “If I can, I want to make a statue for you, my beloved cat, thank you for coming into my life…” Everyone keeps pets for different reasons, but the same thing is that once you start, you will never want to be separated… Until the day I met my first cat, I never thought I would live with a cat. My first cat sculpting works (using professional clay and acrylic) were finished on September 25, 2015, the day of my cat’s 8th birthday. She also make custom cat statues for people who love their pets and want a statue to commemorate their friendship.

One Eye Celebs Potraits, Provoking in Contrast Color Scheme

Meet Kamile Lukrecija Lukošiūte, a young artist, who goes by the alias, KLL. These street art, fashion illustration cross-bred hybrid works of art, are sure to make you wonder what’s going on in her head, and maybe even in your own? Vibrant colors, seductive subjects, and a hell of a lot of freedo, shes so young, self-taught artist and breakthrough promising. Why KLL did painting an object just one eye, did she mean that celebrities are blinded? “Absolutely not. It is the people who inspired the most and I’m using them to reach the world. Even, I never know from where the inspiration comes from, but stories about the people who never gave up, who believed and moved forward no matter what – it’s what motivates me”.