9-Year-Old Girl Recreates Some Of The Weird Celebrity Outfits In Her Own Way & The Result is Hilarious!

9-Year-Old Girl Recreates Some Of The Weird Celebrity Outfits In Her Own Way & The Result is Hilarious!

Celebs wear weird dresses instantly drawing attention from all over the world. This girl recreates those same outfits but has her own touch in it, which is hilarious!

Celebs splurge money on their outfits the most. Be it for an event, or their casual look, they make sure their outfits are shining them out. However, their extravagant life is something their fans will never be able to live, however, there is one thing they can do.

This 9-year-old Australian girl Riley had the best idea to recreate some of the weird looking outfits of celebs that have got them attention. This little girl has mastered some of the hysterical looks of celebs. Their outfits are now affordable and cheap for everyone who wants to try it out at home. Riley does not shy away from imitating some of the big names and their outfits in a funny manner. See it yourself.

1. Want to fashion Miley's Grammy's look? Take 'Papa's Suit' and Suit Up!


2. Well, you never know your kitchen appliances can be used to make your own fashion diaries.


3. You don't have to go to the beach for posing seductively. Just wait for it to rain, and then look in your backyard for a perfect muddy spot to give it a 'nature' amidst look.


4. This is a dream come true. A world where you can wear yummy waffles and grab a bite whenever you crave for it. She does it well.


5. You can rock this look, all you need to do is get aluminum foil from the kitchen, take the rugged rope from the backyard, and some fake tattoos. Fashion it as if you really want to look like a posh beggar. No offense.


6. Why spend so much if you can dare a look just by waking up this way, wrapped in bedsheets.


7. Who knew your kitchen could have so many things you can use to look like Rihanna?


8. Your face is the best canvas to try out some doodling. For hairdo, just don't wash your hair for months, and tadaaaa.


9. Hot dogs don't just taste yummy but look good too. What do you think?


10. Anyone could be a model, without having any hairdresser and millions of money being spent on your outfit or hair. 


11. Sometimes fashion can be dangerous to try at home. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.


12. There are numerous ways of trying out costumes- like, use that carton in the attic. Design it your way, and look like a boss lady.


13. Want to dress uniquely? Use your kindergarten's craft classes to design one for yourself.


14. If only Kim knew where to get this outfit made from, easy-peasy and flashy as a foil! 


15. Garbage bag, Size- XXXXXL. You can rock Rihanna's outfit like a boss lady.


16. Little Riley knows how to save money and look like a garden at the same time. Try this !


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