10 Celebrities Who Clearly Have A Heart Of Gold! #6 Will Tear You Up!

10 Celebrities Who Clearly Have A Heart Of Gold! #6 Will Tear You Up!

SImple acts of kindness go a long way. Some stars really deserve all the adultion and success that they have amassed.

One can help another in several ways and it's not always about monetary support. These celebrities took to the Internet to share their experiences with the world. While some of them were happy to get a response, others were inspired when they learned an unknown fact about these celebrities. 

1. Evanna Lynch defeated Anorexia Nervosa for the role of Luna Lovegood

Evanna Lynch popularly known as Luna Lovegood had succumbed to anorexia nervosa at the tender age of 11. She suffered throughout 2 years of her life and the only solace she found was J.K. Rowling's magical land of Hogwarts. Out of all the characters, she connected the most with Luna and was ready to do anything for it! She wrote to Rowling several times and was finally cast through an open audition.


2. Neil Gaiman is a legend

Neil Gaiman is an absolute sweetheart! He surprised everyone when he replied to a fan on social media.


3. Is there anything Eddie Redmayne can't do?

Eddie Redmayne wrote a 12000 worded essay on a plain blue square for his diploma in art history. Describing a unique color in over 5000 words is a challenge in itself. But Redmayne raises the bar because he is colorblind! Yes, he described something he couldn't even see!


4. Sir Patrick Stewart is a sweetheart!

Not everyone's this lucky to be impressed with their idol. Helen Hong was definitely one of the very few who weren't disappointed.


5. Christiano Ronaldo's smile can make your day!

It's not too hard to exchange a smile every now and then to make others happy. Ronaldo for one understands that. Look how happy those two kids were after he flashed his kind expressions. He definitely made their day!


6. Serena Williams has a heart of gold

If you're a true friend you'd do anything for the other's happiness. And Serena surely ticks all the boxes.


7. Will Smith is the most humble man!

From the given pictures you must have understood how much he loves to divert all the attention towards his son and wife. We hardly come across such selfless celebs. He tries his best to make the people around him feel included. Who wouldn't want a dad like that?


8. James McAvoy is awesome!

Unlike most of the celebrities, McAvoy didn't mind soiling his clothes a bit for a good cause.


9. Terry Crews never misses a chance to have some fun

A Twitter user named @DarrelKennedy posed a request saying, "They rejected my request because they said I needed written approval from *crying emoji* @terrycrews Can y'all RT or tag him so a girl can save some *cash emoji*." Crews was not the one to let this hilarious opportunity pass by. He responded to this saying, "I approve. Signed, Terry crews".



10. Tom Hiddleston is a gentleman

At the GQ Men of the Year Awards, Hiddleston had us drooling for him once again. Instead of making any kind of direct contact with Emma Watson's skin he decided to make her feel comfortable. Not many guys think about this.


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