20 Smoking Hot Celebrities Who Were Brutally Bullied By Cool Kids In High School!

20 Smoking Hot Celebrities Who Were Brutally Bullied By Cool Kids In High School!

Celebrities open up abou being bullied as a kid and it's not something you have expected. Scroll below to find out he details

While High School brings back nostalgic and good memories for some it isn't quite the idyllic place for others. Several children have a hard time coping with their social surroundings in High School. It's that time of their life where they try various things against their will just to fit in and the worst thing that some kids experience is bullying. According to the social structure if you aren't the "cool kid" in school High School can result in creating some really bad memories of being subjected to embarrassment by the others. Today we'll be talking about some of the famous and favorite celebrities who were bullied during their school years. This revelation will surprise you to the core.

1. Lady Gaga


Like any other kid, Gaga too was affected by the bullies at her school. She began doubting her abilities as an artist, but was able to set them aside and move ahead with her life.

2. Justin Timberlake


He was mocked for being different but he embraced it which ultimately led to success.

3. Miley Cyrus


When Cyrus was studying in Tennessee there were several big and tough girls who meant to harm her and she didn't know how to defend herself.

4. Barak Obama


The ex-America president was ridiculed for having big ears. However, he was able to move on with his life by focusing on his goals while leaving all negativity behind.

5. Taylor Swift


Swift did not belong to the cool group. Moreover, her classmates used to mock her for liking country music.

6. Prince Harry


The Royal Prince was also not immune to this. His fellow soldiers nicknamed him "Ginger Bullet Magnet". They went to the extreme of wearing ginger-colored wigs during their stay in Iraq to ridicule him.

7. Daniel Radcliffe


Like most of the celebrities in this list, Daniel too didn't belong to the "cool" group of classmates in school.

8. Ed Sheeran


Although Sheeran is loved by millions of fans now, we can't say the same for his classmates. They used to make fun of his hair color and also for being a weird kid.

9. Jennifer Lawrence


The feisty American actress had to change her school several times when she was in elementary to stay away from mean girls.

10. Christian Bale


After his first movie "Empire of the Sun", jealous kids bullying him to an unimaginable extent. They resorted to kicking and punching Bale.

11. Kate Winslet


Kids made fun of Winslet for wanting to be an actor. They bullied her by locking her up in the cupboard and called her Blubber. These kids were of the opinion that she was not pretty enough to be an actor.

12. Rihanna


During an interview, Rihanna said that kids in her class made fun of her because she was light-skinned.

13. Michael Phelps


The most decorated Olympic Athlete was a victim of being bullied. Children poked fun at him due to his big ears. 

14. Demi Lovato


Demi developed social anxiety where she couldn't trust any girl of the same age. She was bullied when she was 12. 

15. Kylie Jenner


Jenner was nine years old when 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' started airing and no matter what she did the people around her couldn't stop themselves from criticizing her.

16. Jessica Alba


Jessica's father has to walk her into the school so that she wasn't attacked. She had to eat her lunch in the nurse's room to stay far away from the other girls.

17. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


If you have watched the hilarious sitcom 'Modern Family' then you would recognize Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Michell. He was bullied during his time in high school and he is of the opinion that if one can't be friends with someone they should simply ignore it rather than resorting to physical duress.

18. Chris Colfer


Colfer rose to fame after he acted as Kurt Hummel on the hit T.V. singing series Glee. Due to his tiny figure, Colfer's bullies used to stuff him inside lockers.

19. Christina Aguilera


Christina's songs like 'Fighter' an 'Beautiful' were inspired by her experiences as a bullied child.

20. Chris Rock


During a talk show, Cris Rock thanked is bullies who used to spit in his face and kick his a** because all these negative experiences made him work harder towards achieving his goal.

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