Celebrity Noodles Portraits

Food art have been widely known throughout the world. But creating art only from noodle and soy sauce is actually not a common food art.


For artist, Sarah King, who is a huge Kabuto Noodle fan, she has enough posts in her Kitchen cupboard to make her favourite artist portraits from them. She ‘draws’ Ramen Gosling, Miley Soyrus, and Harry Styles of Wok Direction. This idea was generated when Kabuto Noodles throw a “noodle art” post as a fun social media activity, using the hashtag #NoodleDoodle, Sarah inspired to produce her own noodle masterpiece. Noodling, anyone?noodles_portrait1 noodles_portrait5 noodles_portrait4 noodles_portrait2

Source : http://www.inspirefusion.com/celebrity-noodles-portraits/

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