Ceramic Art to Help Safe the Nature

If you are a ceramic enthusiast and also an animal lover, you should check out what Charlotte Mary Pack did. You will witness that her pieces really show concerns about endangered species. As in her collection of No Time for Tea, it was taken from the IUCN Red List of endangered species.


As a Ceramic artist who was raised on a farm and had her youth traveling all the way to southern and eastern Africa, she seems to draw inspirations from nature. Her journeys to those parts of African countries made her grew a permanent affection for the environment and now become the motivation for her clay contemporary works. Usually her colorful pieces remain the tradition of the potter’s wheel but she goes a step beyond and decorates each of them with hand-built creature. For her even though those animals living in many different parts of the world, both land and sea, they all have one thing in common, they are endangered.


The unique thing about her work is because she puts the name of the animal under each piece and its “status” in the wild. Some would be critically endangered or endangered and some other would be vulnerable.


Pack once put it, “It’s important to be able to identify each animal. And it provides an opportunity for you to explore more about the specific species and why it is under threat.”