Changing Seasons Inspire Delicate Nature Tattoos

Inspired by the nature, Pis Saro, a tattoo artist from Crimea can create stunningly beautiful tattoos. With a great detail and perfect choice of color, her tattoos can easily be mistaken for real plants.


Her style can be rather tranquil but oversensitive at the same time. As a matter of fact, she designs her tattoos for either men or women.


During interview with Illusion Magazine, she said that her artwork changes with the seasons. She really pays attention to the growth of her flowers because she looks after them attentively. Every fractal detail in leaves and petals will not be out of her watch.


For her, everything about her flowers is not as simple as they may seem. To look for new ideas, she will study plants or animals even if they can be from other countries.

Source:  Bored Panda, Pis Saro, Instagram





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