Charming Comic of Dogs

Actually, it’s the collaboration of the two language teachers Landysh and Asia that makes the drawing-duo Lingvistov able to create their series of whimsical illustrations of dogs with their typically annoying but at the same time very endearing habits.

Such collaboration can present drawings illustrating the humorous things dogs usually do from their uncanny talent to make us think that our food is actually theirs up to their annoying habit to go outside and inside and out side again.

In fact the drawing duo Lingvistov try to maintain that nothing can actually make our day more special than a bunch of good humor and funny pictures. Such drawings featuring the humorous habits of our four-legged friends can then be more than just enough.

The creative collaboration that combines the artistic and linguistic talents of these two artists specialize in doodles and lighthearted illustrations. Initially, Lingvistov puts a silly spin on what really matters, like sleep and love, and now they start to include dogs.