Charming Scientific Glass Sculpture

Jiyong Lee is the artist behind that incredible glass sculptures that can picture a scientific process. His admiration to cell division inspires his design. When viewing Lee’s work, you will see an astonishing new forms as the light turned off the glass.


The contradictory relationship between clarity and complexity can clearly be seen in his segmentation series which appear to be simple but also complicated. This can be found in living beings which then he describes it in his biologically-inspired glass sculptures.


Lee seems to give tons of his thought into his work as transforming solid glass by cutting, laminating, carving and refining.


As once interviewed by My Modern Met, he stated, ”I work with glass that has transparency and translucency, two qualities that serve as perfect metaphors for what is known and unknown abut life science. The segmented, geometrical forms of my work represent cells, embryos, biological and molecular structures – each symbolizing the building blocks of life as well as the starting point of life. The uniquely refined translucent glass surfaces suggest the mysterious qualities of cells and, on a larger scale, the cloudiness of their futures. The Segmentation series is subtle and quiet yet structurally complex.”

Source: My Modern Met, Jiyong Lee, Instagram


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