Charming Watercolor Paintings of Landmarks in Some Parts of Europe

As My Modern Met discovered this artist the first time was in 2013. Since then, Sunga Park has developed her painting technique into more subtle and refined. She admitted that her achievement really took a serious effort and a careful blend of practiced precision and loose experimentation. The result is very rewarding as you can check out her beautifully refined watercolor paintings.


Her paintings always bring charmingly blurred versions of some landmarks in around France, Croatia, Sweden and Hungary. Each of the location is painted so nicely that it renders just enough shape and sharp detail to be recognizable. But somehow it also merged into aqueous abstraction as though bit by bit melting into the page.


Again her paintings are fluid washes of watercolor by which she lends gentle fluidity to stony architecture.


She said to My Modern Met, “My main focus of the works is drawing them with all kinds of my emotions in a slightly different perspective of view.”