Childhood Memories and Passion in Illustration

If you first meet Azis Wicaksono, you’ll think he’s a quiet person. The key is just one thing, get him to talk about art world, so you’ll have friends all night long.
Born at November 4th 1991, and can’t hide his love for art. Since childhood, he was thinks the visuals are very interesting and are always trying to figure out and how to make an object, ranging from imitating the drawings in the Dragon Ball comics, to the stencil images of Banksy and some of Andy Warhol’s works, all of which he does manually.

Ajis as nickname of Azis Wicaksono, who is currently studying in the Department of Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design Study Program at Semarang State University, was not aware that there was software that could make visuals like Banksy’s work in a flash without having to sketch manual first.
“After college I just found out,” he said with a laugh. “But there I learned that actually making things cool and fun does not have to always use sophisticated materials,” he continued.
Precisely, he was glad and thanks to trial and error in learning visual art, that is over come much more confident for Ajis to drowned his self in serious for this field. He considers this process as playing video games, where we are faced with a stage that requires us to grow, and continue to grow, before we can finally finish.
Despite having exhibited in several places and studied art in official institutions, Ajis sometimes was felt that he did not know much about art. “But I’m getting much more and more involved, more questions, and finally trying to find the answer. That’s what makes me excited and laugh I find opportunities that may not be obtained by other common people, “said Ajis.
This also makes Ajis increasingly has many perspectives in seeking inspiration for his works. He always pondered every idea that flashed in his head, until he found many other ideas that he then again. They do not only come from within themselves. He also enjoys observing other human beings and observing his nature and way of thinking. “The attitude of humans in addressing the good or bad it becomes an interesting point of view,” said Ajis who is very interested in the visual style of lowbrow art and pop surrealism.
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