Chinese Artist Creates Unique Replica of His Hometown with Coins

What makes this Chinese artist He Peixi so unique is his piece of coins to build up an incredible replica of his hometown. Besides coins, he also uses agate stones and chopsticks to help him create the piece. About his coins, he collects about 11 different types of both modern and ancient currency, which he finally used fifty thousand pieces for his project.


He spent 2 hours a day constructing the mock-up buildings, bridges and landmarks of Chingqing in China by stacking coins with chopstick. To represent the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers he used vivid green and red stones. For his entire work, which took the whole month, he didn’t use any glue because in Chinese law, citizens are prohibited to damage money.


For the past three years, this Chinese artist has interested in noteworthy kind of art, so creating a miniature architectural wonder is not Peixi’s first time. Just last year only in ten days he could also complete creating a very detailed replica of the Titanic. Once Peixi said to CCTV. “It is a painful work to do, but once you finished it, there’s only satisfaction.”

Source: My Modern Met, He PeixiWeezbo