Classy Tiny Tattoos Your Mom Will Love

People may have their own preference over the kind of tattoos they like. It could be because of the colors, the shapes or the size. About the size, normally small tattoo is the new big! Surprisingly classy tiny tattoos may make your mom like them.


Although small tattoos are not intended for diminishing the message, they can actually symbolize something big in their meaning. Sometimes less is more.

A more intricate and minimalistic method can also be very much admirable. Small tattoo designs will likely look far edgier than any big tattoo.

Therefore, it’s only normal if tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors since they don’t have to be big, intricate and complicated in their designs.

1. Quotation Marks


For you who belongs to a book worm type, this maybe the right one for you. Two quotation marks side to side with nothing in between indicate the simplicity you will probably write your own story.

2. Wild Mountain


But for you an adventurer type who crave for the wild and free life, a minimal mountain range would may be a perfect kind for your love of the outdoors.

3. Overlapped Geometric Shapes


And for you who love geometry shapes, this design might be great for you. An overlap and a couple of dots should be added to customize your choice.

4. Solar Eclipse


And those of you a minimalistic type, the most brilliant and simple kind of tattoo would be a solar eclipse as your best tattoo choice.

5. Umbrella Under Rain


If you belong to loner type who associates rain with sad days, the splash and purple blue waters will surely match your taste of tattoos, they are not only nice in color but they also refer to artistic touch as well.

Source: Life Buzz, Minimal Tattoos