Clever Fashion Designs from Landscape Photo Cut-Outs

A Jordan illustrator, Shamekh Al-Bluwi, cleverly invented newly unique fashion patterns from paper cut-outs. His work involves drawings of women and cut-outs as dress designs. He would hold up the paper against the buildings or landscapes only to capture most favorable vista seen in the cut-out as a pattern to suit the woman. 


Shamekh combines his passion in fashion at the same time with his other desire in architecture, resulting in peculiarly awesome drawings and wonderful dress patterns of buildings or of cityscapes.


Shamekh’s creativity comes from his observant eyes towards his surroundings, i.e. when spotting interesting textures or when exploring new cities. He then would contradict the emptiness of his sketches with photos of landscape or buildings, or a very simple sketch with that of busy background or chaotic landscape. He confirms that broadening our horizon is like making a new dress.

Source: My Modern Met, Shamekh Al-Bluwi, Instagram





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