Collages in Young Artist Today

The domain in which Dada came nearest to fulfilling its promises is undoubtedly the “collage” (which we take in the widest sense of a conglomeration of different materials). The dadaists found their ideal means of expression in the collage, and explored all of its possibilities. Historically, the invention of the collage preceded the beginning of Dada by several years.

But there is practically no relation, neither in the conceptual creation nor in the form, between the glued papers of a Picasso, for example, and the unconstituted syntheses of a Schwitters; not more than between the orphic, descriptive collages of a Carrà and the incredible collisions of incompatible labels which were the sign of Max Ernst’s arrival at the oniric firmament of the future French surrealists. To be honest, no group, neither before nor after Dada, ever took greater advantage of the resources of this new technique.
Today information is flooded in every subject matter, so everything is a sign for improved being an artwork, collages is not rare and really common for collectible items, one of promising, young, and stand out artist for collages technique is Fajar P Domingo (@ohfajar).
His character close to Max Ernst style, foreground in detailing and based from anatomical, figurative or natural form object, background is an image like fog, sky, or something closed to nature object. His works looked empty and wide space, contrast with detailing object of foreground. His object really involved and melting each others, Fajar finishing making every object in good light composition.

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